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This class is designed for children three years of age and up. This class gives students an understanding of the posture and stance for tap as well as the basic movements of the feet and standard tap steps. They will learn how to identify and create the beats, rhythms and patterns of tap and explore combining them through floor work and routines.

Dress Code:.

Jazz pants, yoga pants or tights are acceptable with a black leotard. Black tap shoes should be worn during class. 

Intro to Tap & Level 1  – Students are expected to wear Mary Jane shiny tap shoes and pink or black leotard. (Leotard color depends on ballet class – ie. PreBallet 2 students should wear a pink leotard).

Level 2 and Level 3 – Tap shoes with buckles (not lace up) must be flat black, not shiny/polished.

Level 4 – Tap shoes with buckle (not lace up) must be flat black, not shiny/polished with a heel that is 1 inch to 2 inches.

Other Fees: 

Costume Fee (Intro to Tap): $65

Costume Fee (Level 1 – 3 Tap): $80

Revue Fee: $100

Intro & Tap 1

Tap 2 & 3

Tap 4

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