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Sandra was introduced to acting at an early age by her mother Evelyn Clay. She accompanied her mother on auditions and even assisted her in performing storybook readings to local primary schools when she was elementary school age herself. Sandra has been a paid extra for the movie “Rollercoaster” which starred George Segal and Timothy Bottoms as well as the TV series “Homeland” starring Claire Danes. She has performed in everything from large musical ensembles to Shakespeare with local theatre groups. Sandra began Act It Out with Harrison Runion and has proudly been an acting teacher for Dance It Out since 2015.

She trained with Upstage Acting by Christy Gray Aviles who is a Broadway performer and a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Sandra’s theatre experiences have included acting, directing and producing. She is the director of the Clarksville Community Players Children’s Theatre Workshop for approximately 35 children ages 6-12 years old.

As with all things theatre; it is the countless memories and new friends taken from each experience and the enjoyment of the audience that makes it all worth the time spent. She would like to share her knowledge of theatre with you and your family in hopes that you will also render the pure exhilaration of a well performed show!

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