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We keep youth happy, healthy, and safe in dance.


We believe education leads to self-regulation.


We stand united in the position that no trophy, accolade, fame, viral social media status, or financial gain will take precedence over the protection and well-being of our youth.


Our top priority is the emotional, physical and sexual safety of each dancer.


The goal is not perfection. It is improvement and empowerment through education and advocacy.


We stand united to stop all exploitation and commodification of youth in performing arts.


We honor purpose over personality.


We strive to be “learn-it-alls” not “know-it-alls” as the benefactors of our continual learning are the children we have dedicated our lives to serve.


We stand for inclusion and kindness and celebrate the unique differences of our students and dance families.




Tumbling Effect


Tumbling Effect trains instructors proper tumbling technique in a safe and effective way. The Tumbling Effect curriculum focuses on safety in tumbling classes, spotting techniques, and providing a curriculum by level.




I.D.E.A. – Promoting all that is good in dance education.



Where We Stand…


Shall offer dance education with an emphasis on maintaining age-appropriate movement, music and costuming.


Shall commit to the principle of integrity in regard to business practices, teaching, and other professional activities.


Shall be honest and straightforward with clientele regarding fees and expenses related to participating in programs, classes, and costuming.


Shall maintain high standards in communication and customer service.


Shall maintain a qualified and well-educated faculty for all ages, levels, and styles.


Shall act to prevent false or misleading marketing and publicity.


Shall respect fellow school owners and/or teachers and agree not to discredit, malign, or in any way cast negative reflections on the abilities of another school or dance colleague.


Shall refrain from soliciting faculty and/or staff from another school without the consent of that school.


Shall refrain from soliciting students registered at another school without the consent of that school.


Shall treat faculty, office employees, subcontractors, and suppliers with fairness and honor.


Shall always participate in dance competitions, performances, and other events with integrity and the utmost professionalism. Shall encourage their clientele to do the same.


Shall practice non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry.


Shall join the united voice of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association (I.D.E.A.) membership to effect municipal, state, and national legislation for the furthering of artistic ideals and the economic welfare of its members and dance education in general.


Shall make continuing education a priority through I.D.E.A. online video training sessions and/or by attending I.D.E.A. regional and national workshops, training sessions, conferences, meetings, etc.


Shall comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety, and welfare of students and their families.




International Dance Acclaim (IDA)



International Dance Acclaim offers performance based ballet curriculum. It is not an exam or competition but an adjudicated performance opportunity creating a positive experience for every dancer. Every student learns and performs choreographed exercises as well as a solo dance or variation.




Rhythm Works



Rhythm Works is a hip hop based dance program for dancers with individual learning differences and/or physical challenges. Dance classes will be individually tailored to each student, depending on the amount of vestibular and proprioceptive input each child requires, and are designed to help support your child’s existing therapy goals. We work on Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Socials Skills, Focus, Strength and Flexibility, and more!




U.S.A.G. Certified




Members of USA Gymnastics have an ongoing, affirmative duty to promote a culture that empowers and supports athletes and focuses on USA Gymnastics’ highest priority: the safety and well-being of our athletes. Every member of USA Gymnastics is responsible for ensuring an environment that makes participation in the sport a positive and rewarding experience. The USA Gymnastics Code of Ethical Conduct (the “Code”) is intended to work in conjunction with the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, and as such sets forth USA Gymnastics and its members’ commitment to act ethically in all instances. Further the Code is intended to provide guidance in situations that have potential or actual ethical implications. The effectiveness of the Code depends on a personal commitment from every member of the gymnastics community. It is expected that all Members of USA Gymnastics will implement and adhere to the Code.



Silver Swans Licensee

Developed by the Royal Academy of Dance, this program is based on research into dance practice for older learners and classes can only be taught by Silver Swans® Licensees. Our Silver Swans® ballet classes for age 55+


Wingman for Dance

Wingman is a youth-led program of team bonding/trust building activities inspiring empathetic, courageous young leaders and a more accepting & inclusive dance studio environment. Wingman is for dancers of all ages and levels.

Alixa Flexibility

The Alixa Flexibility program works with all levels of abilities & ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with the focus on injury prevention and safety.



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