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This class is for students who have been selected by the ballet instructors to begin pointe class. Students must be enrolled in two ballet classes per week. Students will learn basic pointe work at the barre, center, and across the floor. Pointe Requirements: Advancing to Pointe is a huge step in a dancer’s training. The student must possess physical and mental strength in order to advance to Pointe work. The student must display strong legs and bones along with the proper placement. It will be required that each student attend a minimal of two technique classes each week AND pre-pointe class. If the student misses a class, the student will take the Pointe class in their flat ballet shoes. This is for the safety of the student.

The student will be expected to exhibit the following before advancing to Pointe:

  • strong bones with no recent growth spurts
  • strong ankles and feet
  • able to stretch feet without being reminded
  • strong turned out legs without direction from teacher
  • strong placement of the body without direction from teacher
  • attending 2 ballet classes a week
  • attentiveness to the details of ballet class
  • strong motivation and determination
  • respect to teacher and art of ballet
  • must be able to balance on one feet with perfect placement of the body

This is not an exhaustive list. It is the discretion of the teacher to decide whether or not the student is ready to advance to Pointe. Please contact the teacher for further information on the anatomical, physical, mental, and technical requirements of the discipline. There will be an assessment of each student. The pre-pointe class prepares the student for this assessment. The student must pass the assessment in order to proceed to pointe work. The assessment will address which areas student need to concentrate on and improve upon.

Dress Code:

The students are required to wear a black leotard, ballet pink tights, and professionally fitted pointe shoes. Female students should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face; a neat bun is preferred.

Other Fees:

Costume Fee: $80

Revue Fee: $100

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