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This class is designed for children six years of age and up. Irish step dancing is noted for its rapid leg and foot movements, body and arms being kept largely stationary. The stepdance is generally characterized by a controlled and rigid upper body, straight arms and back, and quick, precise movements of feet and legs. The solo dances can either be in “soft shoes” or “hard shoes”. Soft shoes are often called ghillies. They are constructed of very soft kid leather – similar to ballet shoes in texture. Their laces criss cross across the top of the feet and are tied up either around the ankle or under the arch of the foot. Hard shoes are often called heavy shoes or jig shoes. They are used to create the beautiful rhythmical percussions. They are made of black leather with fiberglass heels and taps on the tips of the shoes with a leather strap across the top of the foot.

Dress Code:

Students may wear black bottoms (preferably soffe shorts) to class. Teacher must be able to see their knees. Black skorts are acceptable as well. T-shirts or loose cool tops are also acceptable. Poodle socks must be worn with Gillies, the shoe attire for this class.

Other Fees:

Costume Fee (Beginner Irish): $65

Costume Fee (Dublin & Armagh Irish): $80

Revue Fee: $100

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