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This class is designed for dancers with a strong grasp of Hip Hop movements. This is a high energy class that focuses on the foundational movements/style of Hip Hop dancing (street dancing, popping, waving, breaking, locking). These movements and techniques will be combined to create fun and sometimes fast-paced choreography. The goal of the class is to teach proper technique and to develop rhythm and coordination, while nurturing the students own style and self-expression. The choreography and music will be age appropriate. Students will be encouraged to bring their own style into their movements and to step outside the box.

Dress Code:

Girls are expected to wear a fitted, black top (T-shirt, tank, leotard), black athletic pants (shorts or capris are acceptable). Black, Pastry brand hip hop sneakers. Available for purchase at the front desk. Hair should be in ponytail.

Boys may wear a t-shirt or tank, black athletic pants/shorts, black & white converse hi-tops.

Other Fees: 

Costume Fee: $80

Revue Fee: $100

Dance It Out
124 Main Street, P.O. Box 492
La Crosse, VA 23950