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Act It Out LogoHave you ever wondered what goes into a production? Act It Out will give you an overview of many facets of theatrical importance. It is our goal to make you more comfortable with auditioning and teach stage presence. We will be splitting the classes into units that will explore acting techniques, such as improv, pantomime, character development and more. We will also teach stage management, scene writing, technical theatre, lights and sound. We will explore body percussion, prop building, stage makeup, combat and more. Sandra Lowe’s experienced background of acting and teaching will make for a wonderful introduction to you or your son/daughter’s life of theatre and acting. We offer two classes consisting of valuable information and fun games any actor would enjoy! This class is designed for children seven years of age and up.

Other Fees:

Costume Fee: $75

Revue Fee: $100



Dance It Out
124 Main Street, P.O. Box 492
La Crosse, VA 23950