Our Testimonials

Crystal Walsh: "My daughter had been taking dance with Dance It Out for three years now. She has loved every minute of it. She has been able to try different dance classes and find different styles of dance she loves. Each of her instructors are absolutely wonderful. My daughter adores her instructors and they help her build her self-esteem and confidence through dance. Through Dance It Out she has had the opportunity to perform on stage and at different events. We are so thankful to be part of Dance It Out."

Christine Zubrod: "I didn't have the chance to be a part of a dance studio growing up because there wasn't one close enough to my house. So when Dance It Out opened up, I knew I wanted my daughter to attend. Watching her explode with excitement each week when she knows she gets to go to dance; that's what it's all about. Seeing the connections she's making with new friends that I know will be life long; that's what it's all about. Seeing her GROW and do moves and twists and bends that I never thought her little body would ever be able to do; that's what it's all about! Having never done dance before, I came into this completely blind. Especially with recital time. But luckily I had veteran moms that were able to carry me through my first season! My point, we look after one another, and I can't wait to return the favor. Dance It Out creates a fun, safe environment for my daughter to learn who she is while providing structure at the same time. If you're looking for a home, I wouldn't look anywhere else."

Amanda Calhoun: "Dance it Out provides quality instruction in a fun and uplifting environment. My two-year old daughter started out shy and afraid of being left. The staff encouraged her not to give up. Dance it Out goes above and beyond to accommodate the dancers and their families. By the end of the year she was so excited about going to class and seeing her instructors. She loved being on the “big stage” for the end of the year revue. The instructors and staff do an amazing job of not only allowing the students to display their talent in front of an audience but also put in countless hours of work and preparation to create a captivating theatrical performance that is sure to keep your attention. I look forward to my children being a part of the Dance it Out family for many years to come."

Jennifer Boileau "We have been with Dance It Out from the beginning and it has been an amazing journey. The instructors are supportive and attentive; they care about each and every one of their students. They offer a wide variety of class options as well as performance opportunities for their students. I have watched my daughter grow as a dancer and along with her have built lifelong friendships. It’s great to be in an environment that is so supportive, not just of its dancers but of each other. Dance it Out is so much more than just a dance studio it has become our second family!"

Cory Love "I couldn't be happier with Dance It Out. My daughter takes ballet, hip hop and lyrical classes. She has shown a marked improvement each year that she has been at Dance It Out. I credit the dedication and talent of her instructors. They are excellent dancers themselves and are continually looking for ways to "up their game" and make Dance It Out even better. The end of the year revue is a fabulous production. I appreciate that I actually get to watch the show instead of having to be backstage with my dancer. I also like the focus on helping the community that Dance It Out has and think it's a great thing to pass on to the students."

Christy Edmonds "Dance it Out is a studio like no other. The instructors are committed to bringing a world class learning environment to the students through their vast knowledge and experience. My daughter has been fortunate enough to have been a student from the very beginning and we have seen amazing growth in the studio, but more personally, amazing growth within her. Her personal confidence and dance skills are a testament to the instruction she receives there. Through guidance and dedication I have seen her grow from a follower to a dancer that believes in herself and in her teachers. The performance opportunities are exciting and unparalleled in our area. The studio also stresses a sense of giving back to the community and encourages the dancers to find programs that are personally important to them as well."

"The studio nurtures the dancers and helps them come together to create something extraordinary through teamwork, dedication and perseverance. Teaching that hard work, is indeed, its own reward. There is camaraderie here and you become a parent to all of the students. You know that your child is cared for and cherished by both instructors and parents. Lastly, above all else, there are friendships and bonds that are made within these walls that will stay with her all of her life. That is a rare and precious gift to find in any place."

Cierra Malkin "I am so grateful to have my daughter be apart of a dance school that takes the art of dance so seriously. Everyone has been so welcoming and they have made our experience at this school an inspiring one. I love the dedication, patience and time they give each child. The quality of the teaching techniques are exceptional! I give this studio an A+ and highly recommend it to anyone. We love our Dance It Out family."

Dawn Jones "Dance It Out has rekindled my daughter's love of dance! The instructors are knowledgeable, creative, and professional and keep the students engaged and motivated. My daughter's dance technique, as well as her confidence and poise, have improved tremendously! Everyone at Dance It Out is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring the dancer in every child. They are also very organized and keep you informed of your child's progress, upcoming events, and other important information. All of the events and experiences, including the summer camps, have been well planned and have allowed my daughter to develop her talents and grow as a dancer and individual. We are proud and grateful to be part of the Dance It Out family!"

Brittany Edmonds"Dance It Out is such a blessing to our community. My girls have been taking since they were 2 years old. They love it and have learned so many amazing things from the wonderful and talented instructors. The instructors are great communicators with parents and are dedicated to looking for ways to improve their business. They provide so many opportunities for children and we are super excited about Flip Out ! I highly recommended them and I know you will not be disappointed!"