FAQs -- Flip it Out

Simple Accordion Concept
What does a student need to do to drop a class?

If a student wants to drop a class, the withdrawal form must be submitted two week prior with drop date. If a withdrawal is made after payment for tuition, a $50 fee will be added to account.

What does the meet fee cover?

The meet fee is $65. The fee covers props, medals, unitards, and insurance.

How are students placed?

Students are placed according to age and experience. Students receive progress reports in March and are recommended for class placement by the instructor. Skills are accessed by instructors throughout the year.

How to stay informed?

Information is found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A monthly newsletter is sent out each month and is also found on Facebook. Bulletin displays are also located in the lobby.

How do I register for a class?

There are two ways to register for a class. Classes can be registered online using the following link: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=523738 or stop by Flip It Out during our business hours to register for a class. Our office staff will assist you with the registration process.

What is the dress code for each class?

The dress code for gymnastic classes can be found at the following link:

What is the tuition rate for dance classes?

The tuition rate for classes can be located on our website at the following link:
http://danceitoutva.com/data/FIO_Tuition.pdf .

Where is the schedule for gymnastic classes located?

The schedule of classes is located on our website at the following link:
http://danceitoutva.com/FIO_LC_classes_offered.php .

How long is each session?

Flip It Out has four sessions during the 2018 – 2019 year. Each session is about 8 weeks long.

Session 1    September 10th – November 3rd
Session 2    November 5th – January 12th
Session 3    January 14th – March 9th
Session 4    March 11th – May 11th

Holidays closings can be made up when scheduled at the front desk.